onsdag 14 mars 2012

Last updates.

A new year a new beginning and this time in english (sorry granma)
Have not been writin on this since December, and its about time now. Restoration project, Miramar ecological restoration is ongoing. Still working on information text to the website, but ongoing work around the peninsula has already started in january with seedscattering of tawa treefuschia, pigeonwood and supplejack, native passionfruit and titoki and a few more species.

Specific weeds have been targeted especially the aggressive environmental weed Banana passion fruit and cathedral bells.

The website will be hopefully up in beginning of april. The project can also be found on the naturespace website. A website about ongoing restoration projects around new zealand and wellington.

Kereru have been visiting the peninsula for a few weeks for about a three weeks ago. First one was sighted, following week two where seen flying past and third week three where seen feasting on ripe karaka. Nice to have kereru around again, however I guess the weed situation will be a bit worse now. Since a large bird like this can spread large fruited weeds too. So we need to make sure that these areas are weed free. Something that gonna be very hard to make on some areas around here like the karaka bay coastline, where heaps of banana passionfruit grows.

Some skinks have been seen, and one of the bigger surprises where a few plants of the prickly mingimingi growing on a few un accessible cliffs around the northern end. Hopefully I can get my hands on some seeds. One with seeds grows on a cliff I cannot possibly climb.

Alot of seeds have been collected in the past weeks around the eastern reservs and a few titoki have been sown in pots aswell as treefuschia. A few more species will be sown in pots aswell, while the rest if scattered around the peninsula reserves. Even collected kereru poo with seeds of tawa, pigeonwood, supplejack and nikau. Just to monitor growth of seeds that has not been passing the gut system of the large pigeon. If the grow faster than non kereru treated etc. Intresting.
Several small tawa, pigeonwood and supplejack can be found from last years seedspreading, so There is good result. Even found one rewarewa seedling yesturday . Not the best place for it, but shows that at least one of the seeds from last year made it.

Plants planted while the overseas visit are all doing really well along the karaka bay coastline, overton park and along nevay rd. Seems to have been a good wet, warm spring. Before end of march, a new order from the wellington council nursery has to be made.
The Council provides free native plants for planting on road reserves and reserves next to private property. Applications are now open. Include in your application a detailed description of the area you want to plant and why, so we can select suitable species.
So help our restoration project and be a part and help by contribute to restore the peninsula to a more natural state or any other part of town for that matter.

Three costal cliffs along karaka bay and worser bay have been suggested for restoration. Work on one has already started. Weeding of karo, boneseed, capeivy and marramgrass etc with later replanting of some common and rare local species such as the prickly mingimingi.

Greta helped me few days back put out lizard shelter at Taipakupaku point and a small common skink and a rat was seen? A bit seedcollecting of mingimingi and seedscattering later in the Overton Park and Maupuia reserve with tawa,titoki, supplejack, native passionfruit and pigeonwood.
No rats or hedgehogs in my traps yet though.

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